Brembo 10476082 Radial Brake Pump PR 16×18

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The revolutionary Brembo radial brake pump, featuring a radial master cylinder, redefines braking effectiveness and precision, providing a powerful and controlled experience. Standing out for its exceptional performance and adaptability in various conditions, this CNC-forged aluminum pump ensures reliability and strength, making it ideal for racing applications.

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Brembo 10476082 PR 16×18

The extraordinary Brembo radial brake pump represents a groundbreaking advancement in the field of braking systems, establishing itself as an innovative component that has made a significant impact over the past decade. Its unique design, featuring a radial master cylinder, completely redefines the standards of effectiveness and precision in braking.

This radial master cylinder distinguishes itself by aligning the force exerted by the fingers on the lever with the resulting action on the piston, all in a radial direction with respect to the anchor point on the handlebar. This revolutionary approach ensures not only powerful braking but also remarkable consistency and precision. Each unit of applied force efficiently transforms into an effective braking action, providing a unique experience in terms of safety and control.

The essence of this innovation lies in its ability to transform the interaction between the rider and the motorcycle into a more intuitive and powerful experience. The radial design not only optimizes force transmission but also enhances the responsiveness of the braking system, offering a unique sense of connection and control at all times.

This brake pump stands out not only for its exceptional performance but also for its adaptability and versatility in various riding conditions. Its consistent and predictable responsiveness ensures precise braking, whether in sporty driving situations, congested urban roads, or adverse weather conditions.

The meticulous attention to quality is reflected in every detail, from the choice of materials to the CNC forging process, ensuring outstanding mechanical strength and durability. The application of hard anodizing refinement not only provides protection against corrosion but also imparts a high-end aesthetic.

Key Additional Benefits

  • Power and Consistency: The Brembo radial brake pump, forged with dedication, delivers exceptional and consistent braking power. The radial configuration ensures a direct transfer of applied force to the lever into a braking action, providing a powerful and reliable braking experience.
  • Reliability and Adaptability: The forging process used in manufacturing increases the mechanical strength of the component, ensuring absolute reliability. Additionally, its modular design allows for perfectly adaptable braking in various usage conditions, offering exceptional linearity between the rider’s force and the braking response.

Key Features

  • Piston Diameter: 16mm
  • Lever Distance: 18mm
  • Material: CNC-forged Aluminum
  • Refinement: Hard Anodizing for enhanced durability
  • Weight: 306 grams
  • Brake Fluid: DOT 4

Specifically designed for racing applications, this brake pump requires precise installation that may involve the use of specific adapters not included with the product. Installation should be carried out by highly qualified professionals in the racing sector to ensure optimal and safe performance. Experience the thrill of the track with the Brembo radial brake pump, a seamless fusion of technology, performance, and reliability.

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-Piston Diameter: 16mm
-Lever Distance: 18mm
-Material: CNC-forged Aluminum
-Refinement: Hard Anodizing for enhanced durability
-Weight: 306 grams
-Brake Fluid: DOT 4