Brembo 110476080 Brake Pump PR 16×18

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Brembo’s 16×18 brake pump, designed for Supermotard motorcycles, delivers unparalleled racing performance with advanced radial configuration. Crafted from CNC-forged aluminum, it ensures durability, while key features include a 16mm piston diameter and compatibility with DOT 4 brake fluid.

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Brembo 110476080 PR 16×18

The Brembo 16×18 brake pump, with its innovative design and exceptional performance, stands out as the preferred choice for motorcycles equipped with a single brake disc, specifically designed for Supermotard applications. This front brake pump assembly, PR 16X18, with a long lever casting, represents a key component in the realm of brake systems, transforming the braking experience into a powerful and precise facet.

Key Additional Benefits

  • Unparalleled Racing Performance: Brembo’s radial pump has set a milestone in the brake system industry, being the preferred choice in high-level competitions such as MotoGP and SBK. Its racing performance translates into exceptional braking power, providing precise control in critical situations.
  • Versatility in Customized Preparations: This brake pump not only excels in competitions but has also proven to be crucial in customized preparations for high-performance RR and Naked motorcycles. Its versatile design and ability to adapt to various configurations make it the ideal choice for those seeking superior performance in their motorcycles.

Key Features

Advanced Radial Configuration: The radial pump is characterized by a configuration that aligns both the force exerted by the fingers on the lever and the force exerted by the lever on the piston in the same radial direction relative to the anchor point on the handlebar. This design ensuresthat all the force applied to the lever is directly translated into powerful, consistent, and precise braking action.

Premium Construction: Manufactured with CNC-forged aluminum, the Brembo brake pump ensures durability and strength. Its hard anodized finish not only adds an aesthetic touch but also protects against corrosion and wear, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Technical Specifications:

  • Piston Diameter: 16 mm.
  • Distance between Centers: 18 mm.
  • Material: CNC-forged Aluminum.
  • Finish: Hard Anodized.
  • Weight: 306 grams.
  • Recommended Brake Fluid: DOT 4.

For proper installation of the Brembo 16×18 brake pump, it is recommended to purchase a brake fluid reservoir and hoses, available in the “accessories” section. Additionally, it is mandatory to use DOT 4 brake fluid in all Brembo products to ensure optimal performance. With the selection of the Brembo 16×18 brake pump, you experience the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled quality in the world of motorcycle braking systems.

Additional information


-Piston Diameter: 16 mm.
-Distance between Centers: 18 mm.
-Material: CNC-forged Aluminum.
-Finish: Hard Anodized.
-Weight: 306 grams.
-Recommended Brake Fluid: DOT 4.