Brembo XA3B831 Radial Right Front Brake Calipers 108 mm

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The Brembo XA3B831 radial brake caliper excels in braking technology, featuring 108 mm wheelbase and four titanium pistons. Precision-crafted from CNC-machined aluminum, it delivers exceptional performance with differentiated piston design and high-quality materials. Tailored for racing, it ensures powerful and precise braking, coupled with benefits like corrosion resistance and a professional installation recommendation. This component redefines standards in high-performance brakes, offering superior control to enthusiasts and competitors.

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Brembo XA3B831 108 mm

The Brembo Racing radial brake caliper for the front right wheel stands as a pinnacle in braking technology, distinguished by its 108 mm wheelbase and four titanium pistons (32/36 mm). This precision-engineered component, crafted from CNC-machined aluminum, marks a milestone in high-performance brake design, pushing engineering to unparalleled levels.

  • Wheelbase: 108 mm
  • Number of Pistons: 4 (32/36 mm)
  • Piston Material: Titanium
  • Caliper Body Material: CNC-machined Aluminum from solid with hard anodized finish
  • Offset: 22.5 mm

Key Additional Benefits

  • High Racing Performance: Specifically conceived for racing applications, this caliper excels in delivering exceptional performance under extreme conditions. Competitors will experience precise and powerful braking, providing them with a decisive advantage on the track.
  • Professional Experience Recommended: Given the specialized nature of this component, it is highly recommended that installation on production bikes be carried out by highly qualified professionals. Proper installation ensures optimal performance and seamless integration with the existing braking system.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Materials: The caliper body, constructed with CNC-machined aluminum, ensures a unique combination of strength and lightness. This choice not only guarantees exceptional durability but also maximizes efficiency in the performance of the braking system.
  • Titanium Pistons: The inclusion of titanium pistons not only lightens the overall assembly but also significantly enhances thermal insulation properties. This feature is essential for preventing caliper overheating, maintaining consistent performance in intense braking situations.
  • Differentiated Piston Design: The four pistons, with distinct diameters of 32 and 36 mm, are designed to optimize force distribution. This approach allows for powerful and precise braking, providing the rider with total control over the braking system’s response.
  • Hard Oxidation Finish: The caliper body’s finish includes a hard oxidation treatment. This protective layer not only adds corrosion resistance but also ensures enduring aesthetics, even in adverse environmental conditions.

With the Brembo Racing radial brake caliper, the fusion of innovation and quality redefines standards in the realm of high-performance brakes, offering enthusiasts and competitors an unparalleled solution for superior braking control.

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-Wheelbase: 108 mm
-Number of Pistons: 4 (32/36 mm)
-Piston Material: Titanium
-Caliper Body Material: CNC-machined Aluminum from solid with hard anodized finish
-Offset: 22.5 mm