Brembo XR01131 Brake Pump CNC PR 16×18

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Brembo’s XR01131 brake pump, a pinnacle of motorcycle engineering, redefines standards for single-disc, ABS-free bikes. With CNC-machined aluminum construction, folding lever, and advanced surface treatment, it delivers optimal performance and customization, ensuring a superior riding experience.

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Brembo XR01131 CNC PR 16×18

The Brembo XR01131 PR 16×18 CNC Folding Long Lever Brake Pump stands as an engineering gem for motorcycles with a single disc and without ABS. Designed for enthusiasts of speed and precision, this Brembo brake pump from the renowned Brembo brand redefines braking standards in the world of two-wheelers.

Key Additional Benefits

  • Optimal Performance in a Compact Package: The Brembo XR01131 brake pump delivers exceptional performance, thanks to its main body crafted from CNC-machined aluminum. This material not only ensures outstanding durability but also provides a significant weight reduction, enhancing maneuverability and motorcycle control.
  • Folding Lever and Customized Adjustment: Equipped with a folding and long lever, this pump allows riders to adjust the distance according to their preferences, thanks to an adjustment wheel. The improved ergonomics not only increases the rider’s comfort but also optimizes responsiveness in critical situations.
  • Advanced Surface Treatment: The surface of the Brembo XR01131 brake pump undergoes a rigorous hard anodizing process. This treatment not only offers superior corrosion resistance but also imparts a high-end aesthetic, elevating the motorcycle’s level.

Key Features

  • Product Reference: Brembo XR01131.
  • Material: CNC-machined Aluminum.
  • Piston Diameter: 16 mm.
  • Distance from Lever Center: 18 mm.
  • Lever Type: Folding.
  • Brake Configuration: Single Disc.
  • Surface Protection: Hard Anodizing.
  • Approximate Weight: 286 grams.
  • Brake Light Switch: Not included.
  • Handlebar Mount Diameter: 22.2 mm.

When replacing the original brake pump with the Brembo XR01131 model, it’s essential to consider some crucial aspects:

– The use of screws for circuits or specific brake sensors (metric 10 x 100) is required for street applications, with a double or single passage depending on the type of metal hose (2 lines or 1 line with a bridge).

– In all Brembo products, the use of DOT 4 brake fluid is mandatory to ensure optimal performance and system safety.

– It’s important to note that Brembo brake pumps use a thinner hose than the original. Therefore, if installed with the original hose, there may be a risk of brake fluid leakage.

In summary, the Brembo XR01131 PR 16×18 CNC Folding Long Lever Brake Pump offers an exceptional balance of performance, customization, and reliability, elevating the riding experience to higher levels.

Additional information


-Product Reference: Brembo XR01131.
-Material: CNC-machined Aluminum.
-Piston Diameter: 16 mm.
-Distance from Lever Center: 18 mm.
-Lever Type: Folding.
-Brake Configuration: Single Disc.
-Surface Protection: Hard Anodizing.
-Approximate Weight: 286 grams.
-Brake Light Switch: Not included.
-Handlebar Mount Diameter: 22.2 mm.