Speed Fiber 21483 Screen HONDA NSF 100


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-Advanced Carbon Fiber Technology: The use of carbon fiber in the construction of the Kit MOTO 2 KALEX – TRIUMPH FIM 2022 provides an ideal combination of lightness and robustness. This material not only significantly reduces the weight of the motorcycle, improving its agility and speed, but also offers exceptional strength, crucial for the demands of high-level motorcycle racing.
-Enhanced Suspension System: The kit includes an advanced suspension system that optimizes impact absorption and improves the stability of the motorcycle in different track conditions. This system is designed to provide smooth and precise handling, allowing riders to maintain optimal control and increased confidence during the race.
-High-Performance TRIUMPH Engine Components: The TRIUMPH engine included in this kit has been specifically tuned for MOTO 2 competitions, providing superior power and torque. The integration of high-performance components ensures quick acceleration and efficient engine response, essential for achieving competitive times on the track.
-Optimized Aerodynamics: The kit's aerodynamic design is optimized to reduce air resistance and improve stability at high speeds. Each component has been designed and tested to ensure that the motorcycle maintains an optimal aerodynamic posture, resulting in reduced resistance and increased fuel efficiency.
-Precision Brake System: The braking system of the Kit MOTO 2 KALEX – TRIUMPH FIM 2022 is designed to provide precise and reliable braking capability. With high-quality brake discs and advanced brake calipers, riders can rely on quick and controlled deceleration, crucial for demanding maneuvers on the track.